Does this bucket list make me basic?

Oh well.

¡Granada Bucket List 2015!

1. Meditate in the Alhambra. (with praise and worship music puh-lease)


2. Hike in the Sierra Nevadas. (Not much for hiking, but for Spain I did.) (where my taylor fans at?)

3. Karaoke at Hannigan’s Bar. ( Como se dice- do you have any Taylor Swift songs?)


4. La Mirador de San Nicolas- (at sunset and sunrise)

…hopefully with friends??????? (update to follow)

5. Tapas bar hopping along Calle Nava. (self-explanatory)

6. Dance at the Camboria- a discoteca with a view of the Alhambra.

7. Cliff- diving in Salobreña!

8. Wine-tasting with new friends. (Let’s be real they’re all going to be new friends)

9. Spend one day speaking only Spanish. (I googled “confused Spanish girl” for this one…..)

10. Find an awesome parish near my host family’s house. (extremely necessary- someone hold me accountable)

11. Send postcards once a week to different people! (not making promises)

12. Spend an entire day getting lost in the city. (or any city in Europe while I’m at it)

13.Find Maggie somewhere in Europe. (duh)—preferably somewhere near this man.

14. Sleep in a hostel in each country I visit. (idk why I’m so intrigued by the idea of hostels….)

15. Survive two weeks without a nap. (yikes)

And there ya have it! My first official post dedicated to the original intention of Loving From the Inside Out- my study abroad experience which will begin in 31 short days! (can you hear my silent screams????) To all of my traveler-friends, please send me more suggestions to add! Gracias;)

XOXO sorry for all the parentheses.

Growing pains.

“There’s a really thin line between fearlessness and recklessness, Angela.”, said my mother, after an unfortunate Friday night.

This weekend, I went home to the good ol’ Bronx, for my cousin’s Confirmation. I was so excited that she chose me to be her sponsor, and I had been looking forward to this weekend since she asked me in June! After a six and a half hour bus ride back to NY, late Friday night, my younger siblings and I experienced an extreme scare. Though I won’t go into much detail, I asked (more like demanded), my sister Annarose and brother John to pray to Mary while I tried to figure out the situation at hand. When we were with our parents, I truly saw the intercession of our sweet and loving Mother, as my parents comforted us and helped us keep pushing through the terrible night, rather than screaming at the top of their lungs (which would have been totally understandable). When we finally got home that night around 2 am, with alarms set for 6 am, I talked with my dad after everyone else was asleep. My dad always knows how to keep me in check, with constant reminders to be humble and compassionate. I didn’t realize how important it was to hear my dad say “Ange, you’re not perfect, and that’s okay.” While I felt extremely broken, I absolutely needed to hear these words to move forward from my mistake. I definitely didn’t realize how much growing I have to do. College is a scary thing! When I’m at school I feel so independent and mature, and I think that’s what left me hurting most- that I couldn’t put that into practice and apply it to the so called “real world”.

While Friday night was really scary, it happened for a reason, and helped me begin on my journey of being fearless without being reckless. “Fearless is living in spite of those things that scare you to death.”- modern day philosopher, T.Swiz. As of now, I am scared to death of what the future might hold, especially my semester in Spain (74 days!!!!!!!), but I know how helpful these next years will be in shaping the person I am when I’m forced with even tougher situations.


New York, thanks for a weekend that definitely impacted the rest of my life. See ya in two weeks!

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